Dr. Usha Ramachandra


Dr. Usha Ramachandra joined ASCI as a Tarun Sondhi Fellow in 1995, to carry out a study on the Liberalisation of India’s Civil Aviation.


She joined the faculty in 1998 and became involved in several of ASCI’s training programs and consulting assignments in the power sector. She provides inputs on infrastructure regulation, power sector reforms and the energy sector for ASCI’s other programs for senior management and the civil services.

She has worked in the South Asia region particularly in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan as a resource person on energy and power sector related issues. She has worked on consulting assignments with power utilities, state and central regulatory commissions and governments in a variety of areas including tariff filing, tariff analysis, demand and supply estimates, regulations and policy related issues.

She has conducted specially designed programs for the THDC India Ltd., NTPC, PXIL, DVC etc. Apart from being actively involved in ASCI’s management development programs, she has several publications and conference and workshop presentations to her credit.

Her areas of interest are Restructuring and Regulation of Infrastructure particularly in the Energy Area, Power Sector Reforms and Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure.


  • Ph.D. (Economics), University of Hyderabad