Administrative Staff College of India

Post Graduate Diploma in Management(PGDM)

Two Year Full-Time Post Graduate Programme
(Approved by AICTE, Govt. of India)

Raman Ghosh


Raman Ghosh

Teaching Support

Mr. Raman Ghosh is a Technical Consultant cum Senior Research Associate working for the Center for Management Studies at the Administrative Staff College of India.


Raman Ghosh is a professional engineer holding a BTech in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed IIT Indore followed by a Master’s degree from IIIT. He is currently serving ASCI as a Senior Research Associate and actively engaged in pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemical Simulation Engineering, showcasing his dedication to advancing knowledge in this specialized domain he has contributed 8 research papers in well-regarded Scopus-indexed journals. Further, in terms of professional experience, he has accumulated valuable insights from a diverse range of roles. He spent 2 formative years at Indian Oil Corporation Limited, gaining practical experience and insights into the intricacies of the industry. Subsequently, his 5-year tenure as an executive engineer with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry provided him with a comprehensive understanding of project management, particularly in the realms of Procurement, Chemical Engineering, and IT; marked by successful collaborations on major projects with the Government of India, Department of Commerce.

In summary, his background and experience reflect a versatile approach to both academia and industry, positioning him as a valuable professional with a commitment to excellence in research, IT and project management.


  • B.Tech.
  • M.S.